Saturday, September 15, 2012


Tempting though it admittedly was to have this domain and not actually produce any posts [LOL null], it seems counter to the principle of starting the thing if I'm not going to at least try to fill the vast emptiness of blogger's disk space with my assorted musings and ramblings.  To that end, I might as well put up some background as a means to get started.

I am a Software Engineer - and when I say engineer, I mean it.  A Software Engineer is one who constantly seeks to hone their skills, to learn and absorb tools and techniques that let them build faster and better.  They seek out the right and the wrong way to do things, always growing in their capacity for complexity.  Sadly software is still a vocation in which it is all too easy to ignore the Engineers among your development staff and push on through with shoddy workmanship because 'business knows best!'  It's all too easy to ship out a rickety house and call it a mansion.  It's all too easy to stretch a terrible UI over the top of an overdone back end... I could go on, but in short, it's all too easy to build crap; and for some reason, in this discipline crap is tolerated.  This is changing slowly, as Apple and Google hone their interfaces with polished precision, previously dormant Users are growing to expect applications that aren't crap.  Such is where the lay of the land when I burst [show up] onto the scene - young, but eager to seek freedom for the poor masses forced to cower behind frightening form based monstrosities!  I will help lead them into the light of tactile salvation!  I am their knight in shining armour! Or at least I hope to become so... for now I know my limits, and I do my best to make my tiny part of the software world clean, flexible, and easy to use - because in the end, thats what a Software Engineer is meant to do.

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